23 Gifts for the Twitch Streamer in Your Life

Damilare Olasinde  |  Jan 18, 2021

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If you have a Twitch streamer in your life, then what better way to support them than getting them a gift related to their craft?

We put together a list of useful, fun, and thoughtful gifts that any Twitch streamer would love to have so you can win their hearts. Check them out below: 

Personalized Twitch Gifts

Photo: Illuminated Dreamz

Custom Twitch Streamer Sign

1. Custom Twitch Streamer Sign

Steal your viewers' attention and compel them to subscribe to your channel using this customizable sign. The sign uses mesmerizing rainbow lights to project your twitch channel name or catchphrase and keep your brand glued to their hearts.

Photo: John Manhart

Custom Twitch Nameplate by Jogn Manhart

2. Custom Twitch Nameplate

What better way for a twitch streamer to display their name than in twitch-font? This custom 3D nameplate will be a beautiful addition to any twitch streamer's desk.

Photo: Maria Bitkina

3. Custom Twitch Mugs

What twitch streamer wouldn't love sipping coffee from their custom twitch mug? This gift will appeal to their inner gamer and it's also great for branding!

Photo: LoadSave

4. Personalized Video Game Character Art

Help a friend bring his fantasies to life with this personalized game character art. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that will surely make your friend laugh.

Video Game Related Gifts

5. Riot Phone Controller


Take your mobile gaming experience to a higher level with this controller. This full-sized gamepad enables you to enjoy the best experience possible while playing your favorite PC games on mobile. It is compatible with multiple platforms and 1000+ games.

Photo: Sock My World

6. Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks


These "Do-Not-Disturb-I'm-Gaming'' socks ensure that none of your roommates approach you while you're engrossed in a Fortnite showdown. It's an exciting way to announce your commitment to your art.

Photo: Eliza Janes Creations

7. Retro Video Game Coasters

Keep your game room table protected from juice and water stains with these fun video game coasters. They have small, sticky foams on the bottom to prevent your table from getting scratched. Plus, they're strong, so you'll have them for years. 

Photo: Secrets Customs

8. Final Fantasy Bookmark

Track your progress as you read your favorite book by using this elegant bookmark. The final fantasy bookmark is laminated, and so it’s long-lasting even with everyday use.

Streaming Accessories

9. Elgato Stream Deck


Take your streaming quality to the next level with the Elgato Stream Deck. This powerful device lets you make custom shortcuts for your Twitch stream so in one click you can do transitions, change scenes, add soundbites, and much more to give a better experience for your viewers.

10. Ring Light Streaming Webcam


Achieve vibrant images when you go live on twitch using this special webcam. It’s built to improve your video streaming experience by giving you clearer and better-lit photos even in dim lighting, all for a comparatively low price.

Photo: Logitech

11. Best Bang for Your Buck Webcam


Produce rich and immersive videos when streaming with this webcam. Its 1080P lens captures images and videos with outstanding clarity, and its dual noise cancellation microphones help provide a superior audio experience for your viewers. Plus, it's easy to install.

Photo: Foamy Lizard

12. Anti-Sweat Gaming Gloves


No more losing grip of your controller due to sweaty palms. These gloves ensure maximum grip and keep sweaty hands from slipping off the gamepad.

Photo: Nature Works

13. Giant Water Bottle


This giant water bottle is the avid gamer's simple solution to staying hydrated—and healthy— while gaming, without rising from their chair. Its super motivating inscriptions and finger-grip handle will get you drinking before you even realize it.

14. Top Of The Line Microphone


This Discord-certified microphone is many things. First, there's the sleek look of its stunning RGB lighting. Then there are other handy features such as anti-vibration shock, tap-to-mute, selectable polar patterns, and more. It looks great and sounds fantastic.

Photo: Blade Hawks

15. RGB Gaming Mouse Pad


Enjoy unrivalled precision with the RGB Gaming Mousepad. This mousepad’s surface provides accurate mouse control that makes it perfect for gaming. And its perimeter lights introduce radiant colors that beautify your battle station and make it even more likeable. 

Lighting & Decor

Photo: Philips

16. Philips Hue Bloom Smart Lights


Add a unique ambiance to your gaming room with this smart-controlled light. As if its 16 million+ colors of light aren’t enough fascination, this light also dims, flashes, and changes color in sync with your media.

Photo: ILC Store

17. RGB Smart Flood Lights


Amp-up your gaming atmosphere with a great light show using this remote-controlled floodlight. The light is brighter - though adjustable - more durable, and more energy-saving than standard chips. It’s memory function also ensures that you don't always have to reselect your color.

Photo: Govee

18. Smart LED Light Strips


Effortlessly trigger dynamic lighting effects anywhere in your home with these Smart LED Strips. Everything from powering your lights to adjusting their brightness can be done with a simple voice command. Your viewers will love the stunning environment these create.

Photo: Expression Jewel Store

19. 3D Controller Light

Wow a friend with this attention-grabbing light that plays tricks on the eyes. This 3D light casts an illusion of a holographic game controller when it’s turned on. In reality, it’s 1D light, and it'll light up both your room and life.

Photo: Advpro

20. 'Live On Air' Neon Sign


Wave your dull walls goodbye by brightening them with this "Live on Air" neon sign. This maintenance-free sign gives your streaming room a stunning neon effect while letting others know not to disturb you.

Photo: FireBox

21. Super Mario Star Light

Looking to spruce up your gaming room with something simple but unique? Try this Super Mario Star Light. It's also built with an eco-friendly plastic that decomposes when it's life is over. No environmental damage whatsoever.

Photo: Paladone Store

22. Playstation Lights


What better way to set the mood in your gaming cave than with sleek, groovy, ambient Play Station lighting? Beyond their endless decorative benefits, these lights will make your friends go crazy.

If All Else Fails...

23. Video Game Gift Cards

If none of these gifts work, you can play it safe by getting them a gift card. Nothing will touch their heart more than the ability to get more games.

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