14 Best Standing Desk Accessories

NowFuture Team  |  Aug 21, 2022

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If you own a standing desk, you're probably the kind of person that wants to maximize every single part of your office. So, we scoured the internet to find the most awesome standing desk accessories just for you. Find the perfect items so you can fully optimize your setup.

Photo: Stoic / Indiegogo

1. Stoic Standing Mat

Get a foot massage while you’re standing at your desk and working. The standing mat leverages uneven terrain to massage and strengthen leg muscles. Consequently, your blood circulation improves, stress lessens, and energy increases.

Photo: Walking Pad

2. Under Desk Treadmill

Pair this under desk treadmill with your standing desk so you can walk and work simultaneously. It’s light-weight, quiet, and foldable, thereby eliminating concerns about mobility, noise, or space. This makes it suitable for both home and office use.

3. Mountie Laptop Clips

Photo: Ten One Design

Enjoy the benefits of having two screens without spending top dollar on an extra monitor. Laptop side mounts help you attach your smartphone/tablet/iPad to your laptop screen so that you can superbly improve your efficiency. A low-cost solution to a common problem.

Photo / LHiDS

4. Magnetic Board to Keep Your Items Organized


Increase your ability to focus by turning your messy desktop into an organized workspace using Mageasy. This portable, customizable organizer has magnetic attachments that enable you to neatly arrange and firmly hold cards, phones, pens, keys, and other day-to-day items.

Photo: Uplift Desk

5. Under Desk Keyboard Tray


Avoid and alleviate wrist pain using the Uplift Bamboo Keyboard tray. It helps to keep your keyboard and mouse close to your laps so that you can type at the ergonomically appropriate posture. Meanwhile, it’s compatible with non-uplift desks too.

Photo: Cubii

6. Under Desk Elliptical


Hit your daily step goals by walking while you’re working. Not only does this elliptical help you track your distance, strides, and calories, but it helps improve your posture too. Consider this your shortcut to fitness.

Photo: Samsung

7. UltraWide Monitor

Boost your productivity with an ultrawide monitor, particularly if you run several apps simultaneously. Multitasking will be easier since you can keep multiple tabs and apps open on a single screen.

Photo: Fezibo

8. Balance Board


Work will be more exciting when you’re rocking on this balance board. It serves more uses, though. The balancing exercise will help loosen tight muscles, relieve stress, and ease fatigue. Just make sure you don't get lost in fun.

Photo: HHXH

9. Power Strip Desk Clamp


Need a power strip that’s within reach but also maximizes space? This one fits the bill. It has four outlets and two USB ports, and is designed to be clamped to the table’s edge so that your desk remains tidy.

Photo: Hivexagon

10. Dual Laptop Stand


This elegant laptop stand is a space saver. The super-sturdy stand enables you to vertically hold your laptop and tablets when they’re not in use so that you can keep your desk clean and maximize desk space.

Photo: Cozoo

11. Under Desk USB Hub


Keep your chargers close with the under-desk charging station. It features three fast-charging USB ports and doubles as a headphone hanger to provide you more free desk-space. 

Photo: Elevation Lab

12. Under Desk Shelf


Free up desk space and increase your focus by adding this under desk shelf to your standing desk. With a clean desk, you’ll have fewer distractions to deal with, and you can easily access them whenever the need arises.

Photo: Yecaye

Cable Management Tray

13. Cable Management Tray


Tuck away dangling cords and tidy-up your workspace using this cable organizer tray. This plastic tray blends beautifully with office desks to give a modern look. To cap it all, it’s extremely easy-to-install and requires no drilling at all.

Photo: Afritee

14. Large Desk Mat


Glamourize your desk with this dual-sided desk pad that provides much more than desk protection benefits. It does protect your desk from scratches and spills. But it’ll also glitz-up your desk, serve as a mouse pad, writing pad, and more.

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