20 Best Gifts for People who Work from Home

Damilare Olasinde  |  Aug 23, 2022

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Working from home is the new normal. And while it sure has its perks, it can also be tough sometimes. Some of your battles include choosing the most comfortable spot to work from, avoiding distractions, and being motivated to work.

But don't worry... We've curated a list of gifts that will help you have a rich and productive work-from-home experience.

1. Theragun

Enjoy the soothing relief of professional therapy from a hand-held device. This massage device is so effective that even pro athletes trust it to help release muscle tension and provide deep-muscle treatment. Interestingly, Theragun is remarkably quiet, unlike other massage devices.

2. Temperature Control Mug

Forget about your coffee getting cold. This smartphone app-controlled mug can track your caffeine intake and ensures that your beverages stay as hot as you want for up to 3 hours. You can control the mug's temperature manually too.

3. LapGear Lap Desk

Working from home just got comfier. This lap desk securely holds your laptop, phone, and mouse, and ensures a smooth workflow on days when you'd rather work from your couch than a traditional desk.

4. Caffeinated Chocolate Bars

Need to stay alert but don’t want coffee? This Awake caffeinated chocolate energy bar is just for you. It combines the caffeine equivalent of one coffee cup with the yummy goodness of chocolate to help you stay woke.

5. Masterclass Membership

Become multi-skilled on the go by learning from over a hundred of the world’s best minds on MasterClass. You get to choose from 100+ classes across various categories for just $180 a year.

6. The Comfy Wearable Blanket

Keep warm and cozy in this wearable blanket. With this oversized hug, the heater can take the backseat. It’s big, soft, and comfy. Plus, the thought of going out in the cold winter is no longer scary!

7. World's Strongest Coffee

Power through your tasks with the World’s Strongest Coffee. Every sip is bold, smooth, and gives you that needed caffeine boost. Drink from the finely-crafted mug that's included in the package, and your work just signed a death wish.

8. Tablet Stand for Your Bed

Go hands-free while using your devices comfortably with this tablet stand. The stand’s flexibility makes it suitable for use in both lying and sitting positions, saving you from hand and neck pain. It could also double as a remote-controlled selfie stick.

9. Tile Mate Tracker

Never lose your keys, phones, purse, and other valuables again. Once this Tile tracker is attached to them, you can use the Tile app for iOS and android to ring the Tile or view the item’s most recent location.

10. Funny Note Pads

If your job is stressing you out, these hilarious memo pads might be the thing that you need. The notes will brighten your day and keep you going on days when the going gets tough.

11. This Coffee Mug

Who needs a motivational speaker when you can be inspired by this coffee mug? It holds your hot coffee as an added advantage while encouraging you to give your best at work. Now, get sh*t done!

12. iXpand Camera Roll Backup

Free up space on your iPhone with the iXpand Camera Roll Backup. It’s extremely convenient and easy-to-use. Just plug it in, and it'll automatically backup your photos and videos. It’s available in various storage capacities from 32GB to 256GB.

13. Selfie Light Ring for Those Zoom Meetings

Upgrade your selfies, TikToks, and Zoom meetings with this light ring. The ring clips perfectly around both smartphones and PCs, and it lights brighter than regular flash. Put the power of professional lighting at your fingertips.

14. Digital Money Jar

Want to have some fun while tracking your savings and storing loose change? Use this money jar, which has a smart lid that counts your coins for you. Get one for the kids too. Otherwise, they'll steal yours.

15. Standing Desk Converter

Ready to take on the medical advice that says, "stop sitting all day long?" This standing desk converter will ensure that your decision to preserve your health doesn’t stand in the way of productivity. You can work while you stand.

16. Dinnerly Membership

Avoid overthinking. Say goodbye to meal planning and grocery shopping by purchasing a Dinnerly gift card. Your recipes and ingredients are packaged and sent to you so that you have only one job; whip yourself a tasty meal.

17. Levitating Speaker

Why listen to music from a regular speaker when you can listen from a levitating speaker instead? This levitating Bluetooth speaker will give cool illumination and add flair to the workspace—possibly the coolest Bluetooth speaker around.

18. Commute From Home Mug

This cup comically illustrates the challenges of urban mass transit. Only this time, the mapped area is your home. It's sure to put a smile on the faces of loved ones.

19. Funny Note Pad

Avoid the urgency trap of the Eisenhower matrix and set your priorities straight with this special notepad. Now, you've got all the encouragement and clarity you need to put the most important tasks first. Do it now, or Fuck it!

20. K9 Kannon

Add some chaos and fun to your home office with this tennis ball gun. Whether you want to practice your swing, play with your dog, or shoot at roommates, this will add a lot of fun during your breaks.

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