15 Best Gifts for Freelancers This Year

Alex Dabek  |  Jan 9, 2021

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If you're wondering what gifts to get a freelancer, you've come to the right place. We’ve done the heavy lifting by finding the best gifts for freelancers so you can make their day. 

Here is a wide variety of products that can either help them relax, upgrade their home office, boost their productivity and more. Consider it our gift to you! You might even want some of these items for yourself. Let's jump in.

1. In A Meeting Door Hanger


Help your freelancer friend fight off unsolicited drop-ins with this door hanger. Working from home comes with a unique set of distractions, especially when you've got family or friends living with you. That’s precisely what makes this hand-crafted door-hanger a perfect gift for any freelancer.

Photo / Amanda Simpson

2. Vacuum Insulated Mug


YETI will keep your drink hot or cold for 4-6 hours. It's high quality, will last forever, and will keep your drinks at your desired temperature until the last sip.

3. Keyboard Vacuum 


This portable, cordless, rechargeable, handheld vacuum will scoop up dust, crumbs, and other dirt from hard-to-reach places on the keyboard. Although it's quiet, it's powerful. Meanwhile, it's not just for keyboards it can be used anywhere.

4. Adobe Software Pillows


Appeal to the geeky side of your designer friends with Adobe pillows. Adobe is one of a designers’ most popularly used tools and these pillows come in various designs.

Heated Wearable Blanket

5. Heated Wearable Blanket


If you love to stay warm and cozy, in or out of bed, then you'll love this fantastic heated blanket. This gift will help keep you at the perfect temperature and also relax tensed muscles.

6. Drawing Pen & Touch Pad for Designers 


Let out your creative imagination and capture your ideas. This graphics tablet enables seamless transfer of hand-drawn images, artistic sketches, hand-written notes or data of any kind to a Windows PC, Macintosh PC or an Android smartphone.

7. Work From Home Kit

From a wider lens to brighter lighting to a full tripod stand, Pictar's work-from-home kit is like a studio for your phone. Instantly improve your content, zoom meetings, or photo-taking abilities.

The Subtle Art

8. The Subtle Art


For the friend that loves self-learning, you can gift them the classic book, "The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck." It’s a phenomenal book that tells you how to be happier by giving a fuck about what matters and forgetting everything else.

9. Echo Dot by Amazon


Control things in your home without interrupting your creative flow using the Amazon Echo Dot Bundle. This device is a voice-controlled smart appliance that allows you to tweak lighting, music, and other things from anywhere in your home—even your home office.

10. Funny Nameplates


"Why so serious?" Infuse some fun into a freelancer's workspace with these funny nameplates. There are dozens of phrases, that could lighten up any bland, dull, rigid office atmosphere.

11. Gravity Timer


The gravity cube timer is a simple yet effective time-tracking tool to help stay focused and boost productivity. Start the timer by putting the cube down with your desired time facing up. Then try to get into your flow state!

Sunrise Alarm Clock

12. Sunrise Alarm Clock


Wake up naturally and also build your discipline with a sunrise alarm clock. This wake-up light will give you a more peaceful start to your day compared to traditional alarms - helpful for those who can’t wake up in the mornings.

13. Future Letter to Yourself

Help a friend document their imagined futures with this paper time capsule. It features sealable envelopes so you can seal up your favorite pages and tuck them away for the future you. It might just be the closest we'll ever get to time travel.

14. Convertible Standing Desk


Standing Desks are an in-thing. Anyone who doesn’t already have one probably wants one. This adjustable desk ensures that people of different heights can use it and still maintain a healthy posture.

15. Whoosh Screen Shine


Restore the shine of your phones, glasses, gadgets, and other equipment and keep them sparkling for life with a premium screen shiner. The package includes an ultra-soft microfiber cloth designed specifically for cleaning electronic devices.

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