18 Unexpectedly Cool Desk Gadgets

NowFuture Team  |  Jan 17, 2021

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Who says your desk has to be boring? I think it should be the total opposite because as a hustler, entrepreneur, or creator, your desk is where you spend most of your time. This is why your workspace should be the most inspiring and optimized area of your home so you can feel just as good as the work you're creating.

Here are 18 cool desk gadgets that will not only give you an awesome feeling when you work but make you more productive as well.

1. Envavo Hand Warmer

This cool desk gadget will keep your fingers warm and toasty all day long as you work on your computer. It uses "infrared waves" to harmlessly warm your hands and takes up a very small footprint on your desk. 

2. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Say goodbye to tons of paper. This smart, dry-erase notebook makes it incredibly easy to create, share, and document your notes. You can also quickly scan your hand-drawn graphs, sketches, and diagrams into the Rocketbook app. 

3. HyperX Quadcast Microphone


Elevate your audio with this Discord certified microphone built for podcasters, gamers, and creators. This mic has RGB lighting built in and will deliver top-quality sound to whoever is listening.

4. Duex Pro Dual Monitor Attachment


Wherever work takes you, you can now have double the screens for double the productivity with this portable monitor. Connect a USB-C cable, slide out the screen, and your Duex Pro is ready to go.

5. Uplift Under Desk Hammock

Enjoy some sweet rest right under your desk, in your office, using the Under Desk Hammock. This conversation piece is perfect as long as you weigh no more than 200lb and you own an Uplift V2 Standing Desk Frame.

6. Uplift Foot Hammock

Tired of leg pains from sitting all day? This Foot Hammock by Uplift is guaranteed to add some comfort and leisure in your office for when you work those long hours.

7. TimeFlip Interactive Time Tracker

If you’re into tracking and optimizing every second of your time, the TimeFlip makes it incredibly easy to do so. To set it, you simply flip the device to the desired side and the timer begins on the app. You'll be able to collect your data and see your productivity like never before.

8. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager


Working at a desk or on a laptop for long hours can leave your neck and shoulders aching. This massager will help relieve your back tension, get rid of neck pain, improve your blood circulation, and so much more.

9. Keychron Ultra-Slim Keyboard


This mechanical keyboard will feel super satisfying under your fingers. The ultra-slim design makes typing ultra-easy. It requires less force and finger travel than normal keyboards giving you an all new typing experience.

10. Futuristic Pictech Mouse


Add a futuristic feel to your desk with this Picktech wireless mouse. The intriguing design displays cool blue glowing lights and works from a range of 10 meters.

11. High Tech Wireless Charging Binder

This finely-crafted binder has it all: A Power bank for wireless charging, USB charging, an 8GB flash drive to keep your files close to you, an erasable pad for jotting down notes, a weekly planner, and much more.

Photo / Sebastian Ghiorghiu

12. Realistic Toy Cars


Help manifest your dream car(s) by getting some realistic looking cars to set on your desk. Buy 1, 2, 3 or more, put it on your desk, and you have a daily reminder that one day you will own these cars.

13. Smart LED Lamp


With this LED lamp, you can enjoy five different light modes that are easy on your eyes and also wirelessly charge your phone. And in case you crash while you're working it also has a timer setting and auto-off function.

Photo / @Spawnpoiint

14. This Light Beam by LIFX


Light up your workspace with this dynamic light bar that has 16 million colors! The light beam gives your office beauty, warmth, and life without consuming a lot of energy. You can personalize your light show too via the bluetooth app.

15. Czur Professional Smart Scanner

Scan your books, documents, and objects fast using the extra-versatile Aura Smart Scanner. This scanner can transform scanned pages into editable documents and in over 180 languages. Safe to say, it’s the only scanner you’ll ever need. 

16. Logitech Lightspeed Keyboard


This wireless keyboard makes your typing experience seamless and stylistic. It's one of the most compact wireless keyboards ever and Logitech states it has up to 40 hours of battery life.

17. MagEasy Magnetic Organizer

Why let clips and pens be scattered everywhere when you can keep them organized on this magnetic board? Mageasy comes with various magnet attachments so you can keep your important things close and remove clutter.

18. QwerkyWriter Typewriter

Miss the satisfying click of your good ol' typewriter? You can get it back by owning this typewriter keyboard. It looks and feels like a regular typewriter but it works well with PCs, tablets, and even smartphones. Antique feel, 21st century functionality.

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