18 Best Niche Research Tools (Free and Paid)

Alex Dabek

Last Updated Sep 28, 2022

Niche research tools can help you discover business ideas, new products to sell, marketing opportunities, emerging competitors, and much more. That's why they are invaluable to business owners and marketers.

With the right data and tools you can:

  • Map out your niche
  • Save hours on research
  • Attack higher-quality opportunities
  • Get an edge on your competitors
  • And more

In this post, I rounded up the popular tools that everyone knows as well as the lesser-known choices. Here are the best niche research tools from around the web:





See what the world is searching


Make Google Trends more powerful


Find exploding topics


Exploding Topics alternative

Free & Paid

Vetted startup ideas


Trends.co alternative


Find trending eCommerce products


Advanced keyword research tool


Advanced keyword research tool


Trending reddit communities


Analyze any website and its traffic


Statistics tool for 170+ industries


Question generator using Google data


AnswerThePublic alternative


Like Reddit for founders


Product discovery tool

Free & Paid

Largest trend spotting platform


The eBay for online businesses

Here is a brief overview on some of my favorite products from this list.

1. Google Trends

Google Trends Tool

Google Trends shows you the most popular things the world is searching for over time. This free tool analyzes top search queries across Google Search, YouTube, and Google News over the last 5 years. To give you an idea of the size: there are 3.5 billion Google searches every single day.

You can use Google Trends to view whether a trend is on the rise or declining, as well as find demographic insights, related topics, related queries, and more. You can enter random keywords and see the results or browse through its free features like:

  • This Year In Search
  • See daily or real-time search trends
  • See related topics and "breakout" search terms
  • Filter countries, locations, and more

2. Google Trends Supercharged

Google Trends Supercharged by Glimpse

This Chrome Extension makes Google Trends 10x more powerful by adding keyword volume, email alerts, long-tail keyword analysis, and other features. You get 10 free searches per month and then unlimited searches and more for $49/month. Some of the benefits you'll see include:

  • Get keyword volume on Google Trends
  • Set alerts for when there is a spike in traffic
  • See related keywords, questions and brands to your search
  • And more

3. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics analyzes millions of searches from around the internet to give you trends that are just starting to take off. While Google Trends is a good, free tool, it takes some manual input to discover new ideas. On the other hand, Exploding Topics finds the good ideas for you.

For each topic, you can see the total search volume, percent growth over time, lots of categories, and related topics. You can get hundreds of ideas for free on their blog, newsletter, and home page database. But if you want the entire trends database and more, it costs $47-$97/month.

4. Glimpse


Glimpse is an Exploding Topics alternative. You can "Discover trends before they're trending" and filter across products, companies, and industries. They have a free and paid newsletter subscription which is $0, $29, or $479/month. They also run the Google Trends Chrome Extension mentioned earlier.

5. Trends.co

Trends.co by The Hustle

Trends.co sends you well-researched startup ideas and opportunities that are ready to be capitalized on. Their team consists of data scientists, entrepreneurs, analysts and journalists that create in-depth reports and case studies every week.

All of it helps you learn about new industries and startup ideas you never considered. They have thousands of vetted business ideas in their database. Plus they send a newsletter, give you access to the community, and more. They have a 7-day trial for $1

6. Flippa.com

Flippa Website

Flippa is like eBay for online businesses. On it, you'll find everything from small $100 apps to multi-million dollar e-commerce sites for sale. Use it to browse domain names, apps, blogs, dropshipping stores, and so on. It can be a good niche research tool since you can often see the businesses traffic, revenue, and get lots of information from the sellers. Plus, see what people are bidding on, discover new industries, and more - all for free.

7. Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates Example

Answer Socrates is a question generator that uses real Google data to generate questions. With it, you can discover popular trends, content ideas and new marketing angles by seeing what questions people are asking on Google. You can also view keyword volume and see what's trending at the moment. Answer Socrates offers a free version and paid plans start at $27/month.


With these niche research tools, you can better understand your industry and find new trends. Choose the best platforms for you and use them to your advantage to make your business a lot easier and more profitable.