19 Best Gifts for Graphic Designers

Damilare Olasinde  |  Jan 15, 2021

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If there's a graphic designer in your life and you want to get them the perfect gift, we have you covered. Whether you want to help with their work, creativity, or just give them something thoughtful, there are some amazing products below.

Here are the best handpicked items from around the web so you can get the graphic designer in your life a gift they actually want. 

Photo: Saiji

1. Saiji Laptop Desk


Work productively from the comfort of your bed with this super-sturdy bed table. Although this desk is large and has drawers that enable it to hold several items at once, it's still easy to store, thanks to its foldable design. 

2. Aqua Notes

Aren't the best ideas born in the bathroom? With Aqua Notes, you'll never forget a good idea again. When inspiration strikes you can jot down your creative ideas on this waterproof notepad.

3. Travel Organizer


Leave messy cables in the past with this travel organizer. The softly padded bag neatly holds cables, phones, adapters, and other electronic accessories. It’s perfect for travelling or organizing your office as you’ll never have to worry about tangled cables again.

Photo: Uncommon Goods

4. Five in One Pen

Here’s a 5 in 1 pen that’s a useful gift for any graphic designer. It can function as a pen, ruler, screwdriver, leveler, and a stylus for your gadgets. Now, you'll never be caught unprepared.

Photo: Gaomon

5. Drawing Tablet


Enjoy a comfortable sketching experience using this drawing tablet. It's comparatively low-cost yet boasts incredible features and functionalities like pressure sensitivity, natural color presentation, battery-free stylus, and more.

Photo:  Uncommon Goods

6. Floppy Disk Note Pads

This specially-crafted notebook takes you on a trip down memory lane. It features 100 blank pages enclosed between two floppy disks. A simple yet effective gift for a baby boomer or anyone that's old enough to remember floppy disks.

Photo: Uncommon Goods

7. Deep Sea Sand Art Decoration

Let your soul calm as you watch this beautiful art piece. This decoration contains colored sand, which falls into satisfying and artistic formations when you rotate it.

Photo: Mako

8. Mako 4K Touch Monitor

Expand your view with a second screen using this compact, touch-screen monitor. The Mako monitor can also function as a drafting pad which is cool to have, and will surely boost productivity.

9. Rubik's Cube Tissue Box


Add some color and personality to the home office with this Rubik's Cube tissue box. It's eye-catching and will make an excellent gift for nerds, especially those that are fans of the CBS show, The Big Bang Theory.

10. Around the World in 12 Coffees


Enjoy breathtaking richness from each sip as you explore the world's finest coffees. The package contains 12 distinct and freshly ground coffees from Indonesia, Guatemala. Costa-Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and many other countries.

Photo: Uncommon Goods

11. Desktop Golf

“Putt” away work stress by practicing your golf putts from the comfort of your office on this desktop golf course. You can play with your friends or alone, especially if the hurt of being laughed at bothers you.

Photo: Entertainment Earth

12. Super Mario Bros Magnets

Get inspired by one of the best-selling video games of all time —Super Mario Bros. The set contains 80 pieces of magnetic Super Mario characters and game pieces, which allow you to animate your beloved game in real-time. You can finally save the princess.

13. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook


The Rocketbook is the last notebook you’ll ever buy. Every page is reusable and through its dedicated Rocketbook app, you can upload your designs and notes so you have them in digital format across all of your devices. 

Photo: ReadyDesk

14. AllStand Desk

Turn any area into a workspace using the AllStand desk. Whether you’re standing at our desk, lying in bed, or on the couch, this desk is sure to provide you an ergonomic and comfortable position to work in at an affordable price.

15. Playstation Lights


If your friend happens to be a PlayStation fan, this is the perfect addition to their office. It has three different light modes so you can set the perfect vibe whether you're gaming or not.

Photo: Felix Gray

13. Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Complete that design project without eye strain, headache, and sleep disruption caused by prolonged screen time. Even Forbes agrees they're “stylish, high quality eyeglasses that reduce eyestrain.” Protect your eyes and still keep your fashion-game topnotch.

17. Udemy Course on Graphic Design

Help your friend level up their skills by gifting them a graphic design course. Udemy is loaded with affordable courses on virtually any graphics design subject from industry experts.

Photo: ErgoFoam

18. Under Desk Foot Rest


Keep your legs comfortable while working for long hours with this under desk footrest. It helps to relieve leg pain, improve circulation, and maintain proper posture so that your mind can stay focused on creating those million-dollar designs.

Photo: HP

19. HP Sprocket Instant Photo Printer


Seize the moment by capturing and instantly printing designs from your Smartphone using this pocket-sized printer. With this printer, you can print on regular paper and also on sticky-back paper, a feature that's great for journaling creative-type projects.

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