8 Cool Office Gadgets to Stay Focused and Inspired

Alex Dabek  |  Aug 21, 2022

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I believe that when you walk into your office, you should feel inspired and ready to work.

You spend about one third of your life working, so you might as well enjoy your workspace! One way to do that is to get some cool office gadgets that improve the atmosphere and make work more fun.

So here are 8 awesome products that can transform your workspace.

Cool Office Gadgets Color Changing Light Panels

1. Color Changing Light Panels


Transform the vibe and atmosphere of any office with these color changing light panels. You can connect up to 1000 panels together and assemble them into any shape or style that you want. Plus, the built-in audio sensor can make it react to the beat of your music!

Cool Office Gadgets LED Mouse Pad

2.  LED Mouse Pad


Not every mouse pad will enhance your office, but this one will by lighting up your desk. This LED mouse pad emits vibrant lights that can circle around, change colors, and perform a show. It's the perfect finishing touch for your desk.

Cool Office Gadgets Wifi Extender

3. TP-Link Wifi Extender


Say goodbye to dead spots once and for all. The TP-Link Wifi extender will improve connection in the weak areas of your home. Plug it into the wall and you instantly have coverage up to 2,000 square feet which equals a better online experience. It's simple to set up and connects up to 32 devices.

4. Neon Sign with Your Company Logo


If you have your own company, imagine the feeling of seeing your logo illuminated on the wall. You can order custom neon lights with virtually any design, shape and color. Then you can proudly display your brand up on the wall in a visually captivating way.

Image: LIFX and @Spawnpoiint on Instagram

5. Light Beam by LFIX


This light module by LFIX can be that one design that magically transforms your office. It's small and simple but has a big impact. It provides 16 million color options so you can have an atmosphere that completely matches your tastes. 

Image: @TheMikeWat on Instagram

Cool Office Gadgets Acoustic Sound Panels

6. Foam Panels


These foam panels will not only reduce echoes and sounds, they will make your room more stylish and feel like you're in a studio. There is multiple color options so you can build any pattern you want. Best of all, they are removable without leaving any damage to your wall. 

7. Ikonick Art Canvas'


Ikonick makes canvases that will give any room a boost of inspiration. They partnered with Gary Vaynerchuk, the NBA, Disney and many other brands. This means they have 100's of designs so you're guaranteed to find something that resonates with you. I have a few of their canvases on my wall and they are very high quality. 

8. Foot Hammock


Sit back and relax while you're getting work done. This hammock connects to the ends of your desk and is adjustable to your needs. You will be able to rest your feet for as long as you want until work is done.

Final Thoughts

Don't forget that everything that surrounds you has an impact on your thoughts and feelings. So why not create an atmosphere that makes you more productive?

Hopefully you found some cool office gadgets to make work more enjoyable and boost your productivity overall.

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