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A free mobile game like Candy Crush that allows you to earn small amounts of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Blast: Play & Earn Bitcoin for Free

Get the dashcam to mine crypto driving your car and build a decentralized Google Maps.

Hivemapper: Mine Crypto for Driving Your Car

The Airbnb for renting out your pool and other cool spaces in your house – tennis courts, music studios, etc.


Industries that could explode in the 2020s and 2030s

Future Business Ideas and Industries for 2021-2030

Get paid to drive. These companies pay you to wrap your vehicle in ads.

Car Wrap Advertising

Build Instagram accounts with thousands of followers by reposting viral content

Instagram Niche Pages

Mine crypto without buying your own hardware or any technical know-how

Cloud Mining

The Airbnb for storage. Make money renting out extra space in your home, garage, backyard, etc.

Peer to Peer Storage

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