8 Futuristic Office Gadgets

NowFuture Team  |  Jun 14, 2022

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In this post you'll find innovative, ultramodern, and high-tech gadgets that will make your office feel like Iron Man's lab. Ready to get ahead of the pack? Here are office gadgets that will launch you into the future.

1. HoloLens 'Mixed Reality' Headset

This first-of-its-kind "mixed reality" device will transform how you work by blurring the lines between the virtual and real world. 3D-holograms viewed from these lenses blend seamlessly with the real world and can be interacted with— touched, enlarged/reduced, rotated, or moved about.

2. VR Training Courses by Virtual Speech

Virtual Speech VR Training-Courses

Take your public speaking to a new level by practicing using the VirtualSpeech app. This educational app immerses you into virtual scenarios where you can practice a range of public speaking skills, including sales closing, business storytelling, and much more. 

3. Odyssey G9 Curved Monitor


Step into the unrivalled, immersive visual experience that only the Odyssey G9 provides. This award-winning 49-inch curved monitor is the global number 1 gaming monitor. If it’s good for gaming, you bet it’s great for the office too.

4. Monos Sterilizer

Keep yourself protected from harmful microorganisms with the Clean Pod sterilizer. It uses UVC (ultraviolet C) light to disinfect surfaces, killing up to 99.9% of germs present. Use it on your phone, wallet, devices, or any surface! 

5. Affordable Desktop 3D Printer


Would you like to hold your imaginations in your hands? If you can conceptualize and design your idea, then, with this printer, you can print and physically hold 3D equivalents of your creative imaginations. Make your ideas come to life.

6. Levitating Bluetooth Speaker


Do you mind turning your office into a tourist attraction? This speaker’s floating orb and its colorful LED lighting will give your visitors something to rave about and take pictures of. It has an impressive wireless range of over 30ft.

7. The Hydra Desk


Keep your PC’s temperature cool with the beautifully-designed Hydra Desk, which allows you to mount up to 6 radiators to cool 2 full PC systems. This desk case is suitable both for work and play.

8. Rocketbook Smart Notebook


Rocketbook is the future of notebooks. It pairs with an app that lets you permanently store your notes into popular cloud services. Another strong attraction is its reusability; eco-friendliness is just the thing our planet needs. 

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