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A Good Chair

BeYou Transformable Chair

Enjoy over 10 different and ergonomic seating positions with the BeYou chair. This adjustable chair can be transformed into various forms so that you can work, lounge, or relax while maintaining a healthy sitting posture, especially when working for extended hours.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron

The Ferrari of office chairs that's trusted by CEO's and professionals worldwide. This iconic chair has earned the reputation of "America's best-selling chair," having sold over 7 million units. Although pricey, it's comfort and ergonomics are second to none.

HomeFun Office Chair

For an affordable but still high quality office chair, check out this #3 best-seller on Amazon. It provides strong back support and adjustability that will make you feel like you paid little for so much value.


Useful Desk Accessories

Quartet Desk Whiteboard

Mini Desk Whiteboard

Get all the benefits of a whiteboard without sacrificing lots of space on your desk. This whiteboard is also made with a strong, durable glass surface. Writing on it will make you feel like a super-scientist from a Hollywood sci-fi scene.


A Slightly Larger Desk Whiteboard

Tired of misplacing to-do lists? Reduce your sticky-note usage and stay on top of your schedule with this whiteboard. You can wall-hang it, desk-stand it, or flatten it against your desk to make it easier for you to write.


Wearable Memo Bracelet

Want to keep your important notes and ideas close by? Slap this erasable, bracelet-styled notepad on your wrists to conveniently write down your thoughts anytime and anywhere.

X-Kit Hub Stand

X-kit takes the biscuit in the world of foldable laptop stands and multiport USB hubs. It is a portable laptop stand with 5 ports, including USB, HDMI, and SD ports, and it is the first of its kind! 

Standing Desk Converter

Give yourself the option to sit or stand while you work at home. A standing desk converter is a great way to transform your ordinary desk into a standing desk without breaking the bank.


Samsung SSD with Fingerprint Security

Transfer heavy files at lightning-fast speeds with the Samsung SSD T7. This external storage device also features a fingerprint security system to increase file-protection. It is lightweight, handy, and sleek. It's perfect!

OXO Laptop Cleaner

Keep your devices clean with this portable, double-sided cleaner. On one end, it has a retractable brush for sweeping off dust and crumbs. And on the opposite end, a microfiber cloth for removing fingerprints and smears off laptop screens.


Nothing beats old fashion pen and paper to record your million dollar ideas. Having note pads at your desk are essential at all times.

Gas Spring Monitor Arm

This monitor arm has many perks. It's sturdy, ergonomic, and can be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle. Its long arm makes it perfect for wider desks. It also takes up minimal desk space thanks to its clamp mount.


Over Ear Headphones

Improve your mood and boost your productivity by listening to music while working. Over ear headphones have better noise cancellation than in-ear headphones allowing you to cut out any distractions in your environment.

A Power Centre

A good power centre makes life at your desk so much easier. This power strip by Bestek has 8 outlets and 6 USB outlets which will cover all your charging needs.


Under Desk Shelf

Keep items out of sight but within reach using this easy-to-mount shelf. You'll have a clutter-free space to work on, which will enable you to focus better. It's perfect for any desk, especially those that have no shelves.


Stuff to Stay Organized

Monitor Sticky Notes Holder

Stick important notes where you can see them—right beside your monitor screen. The board also serves as a phone holder and a document clip. With this, you can keep your desk neat, organized, and uncluttered with notes.


Floating Desk Caddy

Keep your files organized with this elegant floating caddy. The lightweight desk-rack is made from the same stuff airplanes fuselages are made from and is designed such that it appears to float. This caddy is pure class!

The Note Tower

Stack and display your notes easily with the amazing Note Tower. You can display your documents at eye-level so that you can de-clutter your desk and quickly look back and forth at your notes

Cable Clips by Soulwit

Cable Clips

Eliminate dangling cables once and for all with these must have cable clips. It's a simple solution to an everyday problem. It keeps your desk tidy and saves you from the annoyance of searching for your cords ever again.

Monitor Riser by Jelly Comb

Monitor Riser

Create better posture and more space on your desk with a monitor riser. A riser will bring your screen to an ergonomic height so that you can maintain an ergonomic posture and quit hunching over to view your monitor.

Mesh Desk Organizer

Mesh Desk Organizer

Create a clutter-free desk with this super convenient organizer. You can use the dividers on the top or drawers on the bottom to neatly store all of your papers and desk essentials.


Cable Management Tray

Cable Management Tray

Make your cable management problems disappear by tucking away your cords in this cable hiding kit. This tray helps keep cables from hanging loosely so that your desk looks tidier and gives you piece of mind.


Vertical Dual Laptop Stand by Hivexagon-min

Vertical Laptop Stand

Why should your laptop take up desk space even when it's not in use? Not space-efficient! This sturdy laptop stand helps you maximize desk space by vertically holding your laptop, tablet, and phones without scratching their surfaces. 


Power Strip Desk Clamp

Clip On Power Strip

Keep a power strip on your desk without compromising desktop space. This multi-outlet power strip provides 4 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for charging. Its mountable clamp design enables you to keep it close without losing valuable desk space.



The Minimal Lamp

The Minimal Lamp

Change the ambiance of your office or home with this sleek handmade lamp. It has bright LEDs with over 16 million colors that will make any room come alive.

LED Desk Lamp with Clamp by Beetwo

Lamp with Clamp 

Illuminate your workspace using this space-saving desk lamp. It provides over 30 light modes and it clamps to the desk's edge, therefore, providing a larger workspace.


LED Backlights

LED Backlights

Give your desk a vibrant glow with some LED backlights. Whether on your desk or behind your monitor, it'll make your office look great. You can control the lights via a remote or an app.


Stuff to Stay Comfortable

Foot Pillow

If you work long hours on your desk, your legs could use pillows too. Give your legs the comfort it needs with the "best under desk footrest in 2020," according to the New York Times. This ergonomic footrest is neither too firm nor too cushy.

Timed Water Bottles

Meet your daily hydration goal with this timed bottle. The bottle has time markers that motivate you to drink water and track your total water intake as the day progresses. It's easy to drink from and easy to clean.

Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

Take a break from regular water and add some natural flavors with a fruit infuser water bottle. It allows fruit juice to come in from the "fruit cage" into the water, giving you a rich, healthy taste.