NowFuture Issue #1

By: Alex Dabek

Published: Apr 07, 2021

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Welcome to Issue #1! The goal is to help you discover new trends and opportunities for making money online. This will evolve and get better over time. If you have feedback or ideas, hit reply and don't hold back.

In Today's Issue:

  • Exploding business ideas based on search volume
  • How 4 million Etsy sellers are making money
  • 6 products you can steal that are making $1000's on Etsy

Trending Business Ideas Based on Search Traffic:

1. Ghost Kitchens

  • Since 2019, "Ghost Kitchens" have been exploding in search interest
  • What Is It? Ghost Kitchen's lower the barrier to entry for starting a restaurant. Instead of signing a long commercial lease and having high startup costs, you can rent a Ghost Kitchen and they'll provide you the space to prepare food. 
  • Example: Travis Kalanick, the guy who started Uber, has been building a company called Cloud Kitchens. He disrupted the taxi industry and sees the same opportunity to disrupt the restaurant industry.

2. Dropservicing

  • What Is It? It's like dropshipping, but for freelance services. Dropservicing is when you sell a service and hire someone else to deliver the results - then you keep the profit. You are essentially the middle man who is connecting people.
  • Why? It's never been easier to hire freelancers thanks to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can make a website and leverage this to sell whatever services you want. Dropshipping has become a super popular business model, so I could see this trend growing as well.
  • Check out my breakdown on Dropservicing.

3. Fiverr

  • Fiverr, the place to buy freelance gigs starting at $5, has been taking off just like their stock price.
  • Consequently, people searching "How to make money on Fiverr" is also increasing rapidly as people are trying to cash in on the freelance economy. 
  • Freelancing is big business. 12% of the US workforce started freelancing directly because of the pandemic. And by 2027, there is expected to be more freelancers than regular workers. Platforms like Fiverr are enabling that.

4. Custom Neon Signs

  • Since 2016, this has been increasing and volume has been going parabolic since March 2021.
  • Sellers on Etsy are definitely benefiting. Many of these listings are bestsellers and getting hundreds of reviews recently as you can see below:

Let's Talk Etsy

Millions of sellers are making money selling digital and physical products here

  • Etsy has over 4 million active sellers on their platform
  • Etsy stock (Nasdaq: ETSY) is up about 452% over the last year
  • There are over 60 million buyers on Etsy and over 40% of them are repeat customers
  • It's competitive, there are over 60 million products on the site

Personalized Gifts On The Rise

Etsy might be competitive but a possible opportunity could be to sell unique, custom-made gifts:

  • "Personalized Gift" was the top search-term on Etsy in 2020. Searches containing "personalize" or "custom" are up 43% year over year.
  • Some Etsy bestsellers last year were personalized jewelry and necklaces, custom embroidered t-shirts, personalized cutting boards, and personalized art, signs, and house numbers.
  • Other gift searches were on the rise as well. An 81% increase in searches for "Funny Gifts" and 44% increase for "Pet Gifts." Searches for "Funny Card" are also up 25% year over year.

Product Inspiration

Check Out These Creative Products That Are Making $1000's on Etsy

Need more ideas to make money? Let's look at how some Etsy sellers are cashing in. I've collected some best selling products. Notice that some of these are following the personalized trend mentioned above:

1. Your Pet as a Pokemon Card

Have graphic design skills? This store has 3,800 sales for turning your pet into a trading card. Proof you can make money selling anything.

2. Custom Creator Awards Plaque

"StaatsCustoms' has sold 2027 of these plaques made for influencers. Comes for all your favorite social media platforms. Plus there's multiple stores with many sales.

3. Spotify Song Code Keychains

This store has 18,642 sales and there are many similar listings like it. People love to buy this as gifts or to promote their music.

4. Wall Street Bets Swag

VoxelPrints store has 3,061 sales by taking advantage of two trends - 3D printers and Wall Street Bets.

5. Custom Name Shoelace Buckles

This store has 6,868 sales selling personalized accessories. One of the bestsellers being these simple accessories for your shoes.

6. Physical Bitcoins

The CryptoChips store has 2,073 sales. These bad boys are selling for $17 and are an Etsy bestseller. Guess what, you can get them for under $2 on Aliexpress. Not a bad profit!

Chart Of The Day

Infographic: This Is What Advertising Will Look Like in 2021 | StatistaCredit: Statista