How To Get Webull Free Stocks (worth up to $3,700)

By: Alex Dabek

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021

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Many people are searching for this so here is a guide on the Webull free stock promo...

You can get up to four (4) free stocks today valued up to $3700 total. It's only available to US residents.

How to Claim:

Just sign up on Webull using this referral link for 2 free stocks, and then deposit $100 for 2 more free stocks. Webull will add the 4 stocks to your account and you can keep them or sell it for quick cash!

The "Fine Print"

Webull (2 Free Stocks up to $250 each): 

  • Open a new Webull account and finish the setup within 24 hours to receive two (2) free stocks (each valued between $2.50-$250) with no deposit required. To open your account you need your ID and social security number ready.

Webull (2 Free Stocks up to $1600 each):

  • For the more expensive stocks, make your first deposit at least $100 (within 30 days) to get two (2) free stocks valued each at $8-$1600. Do this within 20-25 days because it takes a few days for the money to arrive from your bank.

Webull Free Stock FAQs:

What are the odds?

I dug through Webull's website and these are the odds for getting an expensive stock:

  • 98%: $8-30/share
  • 1.8%: $30-$100/share
  • 0.09%: $100-$200/share
  • 0.01%: $1000-$1600/share

As you might have guessed, the odds to get a high value stock is slim. However, it's still free and you are guaranteed money no matter what. 

What is Webull?

Webull is an online brokerage founded in 2017. Their main focus is commission free trading and offering a tech-savvy platform with lots of features. Webull is legit and they’re making a splash in the investing industry.

Can I get more free stocks?

Yes, Webull also has a referral program.

Get your friend(s) to join Webull to get another two (2) free stocks when they deposit their first $100.

Your referral link can be found in the Webull app in your profile.

When will I get the free stocks?

After your $100 deposit arrives into your Webull account, wait up to 10 days for your free stocks to show up. Then you can keep the stocks or sell them for quick cash!

How can Webull afford to give away stocks?

Webull let's you trade commission free but they make money in other ways like stock loans, interest and margin trading. So this is why they give away free stocks to get new customers.

What kind of stocks does Webull give?

The stocks are from the NYSE or NASDAQ. They will be worth at least $2.50 and $8 each. If you're lucky, they can be worth up to $1600 each!

Webull As A Brokerage

Webull App Screenshots

Webull is built for tech-savvy investors.

On their mobile app and desktop platform you will find lots of features like detailed charts, research tools, analytics and more.

They make it very easy to watch everything happening in the market. Check out our full Webull review for more.

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The Bottom Line

Webull is trying to expand and do lots of marketing, so lucky for us, we can get a lot of free stocks out of it!

Hope this helped and let me know what free stocks you get!

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