44 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

By: Alex Dabek

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Are you looking for the perfect company to promote? Something that you can stand behind and that pays good commission? Look no further!

Here are the 44 best affiliate programs for beginners.

This ultimate list contains popular and little-known affiliate programs. It also covers many industries so you can hopefully find that one perfect company you can stand behind.

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Not all affiliate programs and products are created equal. Here are some things to consider to choose a successful product:

  • A great product you believe in and resonate with
  • Something you can promote well based on your knowledge
  • Has as little competition as possible
  • Pays well or has recurring commission
  • Has a great landing page
  • Offers some kind of incentive, bonus or discount
  • Has an affiliate manager that wants you to succeed

It will be hard to tick all of these boxes but the more you can get the better. Now, let's jump into the ultimate list!

Make Money Affiliate Programs

Get paid to shop online on Rakuten

1. Rakuten

  • Commission: Give $30 get $30

Rakuten pays you to shop online. You get 3%-40% cash back from over 2500 stores and they pay you every 3 months via check or PayPal.

2. DoorDash Driver

  • Commission: $50 for account activation

DoorDash is a food delivery app where drivers can make money delivering food from point A to point B.

3. Postmates Fleet

  • Commission: $30 for first delivery

Postmates is a food delivery app where drivers can make money delivering food from point A to point B.

4. Instacart Shopper

  • Commission: $25 per activation

Instacart is a grocery delivery app. People can sign up and make money shopping for groceries and delivering it to people's houses.

5. HyreCar

  • Commission: $10-$20

HyreCar lets people rent cars on demand to use for Uber, Lyft or food delivery. You can rent your car to others or use HyreCar to rent a car so you can make money.

6. GetAround

  • Commission: $200 if they share their car

GetAround lets you rent out your car, truck or van to other people and make money.

7. Earnest

  • Commission: $400

Earnest refinances student loans so students can pay less interest and save money. This is one of the highest paying affiliate programs on this list.

8. Neighbor

  • Commission: $50

Neighbor is the Airbnb for storage. You can sell parking spots, boat storage, and any type of storage space for a monthly or fixed rate. 

9. Survey Junkie

  • Commission: $1.50 CPA

Survey Junkie lets people earn cash for taking surveys and sharing their thoughts.

10. Product Report Card

  • Commission: $2.25 CPA

Product Report Card lets people make money by answering survey's and sharing their opinions.

11. BookScouter

  • Commission: $1.50 when they scan their book

BookScouter lets people sell their books and texbooks for the highest price. Simply scan your textbook and instantly see offers from multiple vendors who will buy your books on the spot.

12. ZipRecruiter

  • Commission: $0.50 per registration, $1.00 application submitted

ZipRecruiter is a job boards platform for job-seekers to find jobs or employers looking to hire new talent.

Personal Finance & Investing Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs: Webull Influencer Program

1. Webull

  • Commission: $30 when user deposits $100. They receive 1-2 free stocks

Webull is an online brokerage where you can trade stocks, ETFs, options and more commission free.

2. Webull Influencer Program

  • Commission: $300 for referring an influencer who gets 5 people to deposit on Webull

Webull is an online brokerage where you can trade stocks, ETFs, options and more commission free. This is one of the highest paying affiliate programs on this list.

3. Robinhood

  • Commission: $5 sign up, $20 funded account. They receive 1-2 free stocks

Robinhood is a very popular stock trading platform that's commission free and beginner friendly.

4. Moo Moo

  • Commission: $50 when they deposit $500

Moo Moo is another commission free brokerage where you can buy and sell stocks.

5. M1 Finance

  • Commission: $100 if their account reaches $1000 within 400 days

M1 Finance lets you build an investment portfolio for free and maintain it with automatic and one-click rebalancing. 

6. Stash

  • Commission: Give $5 get $5 when they create an account

Stash is a simple investing app that lets you buy fractional shares.

7. Firstrade

  • Commission: $50 when they deposit $500

Firstrade is a commission free trading platform. 

8. Acorns

  • Commission: Give $5 get $5 when they create an account

Acorns lets you invest automatically by rounding up your purchases to the next dollar.

9. Motley Fool

  • Commission: $100

Motley Fool is a free blog and subscription service that gives stock picks and investing education. 

10. Credit Karma

  • Commission: $2 CPA

Credit Karma lets people check and monitor their credit score for free.

11. Transunion

  • Commission: $60

Transunion lets people check and monitor their credit score. 

Crypto & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Get Paid to Shop Online on Lolli
  • Commission: $10 

Lolli is a rewards app that gives you bitcoin for shopping at your favorite stores.

2. Binance

  • Commission: 5%-40% of trading fees forever

Binance is a global exchange that lets you buy and sell hundreds of altcoins for extremely low fees. It is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world.

3. Coinbase

  • Commission: Give $10 BTC get $10 BTC when they trade $100

Coinbase is a really easy place for beginners to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. 

4. Brave Browser

  • Commission: $7.50

Brave is a really cool browser that lets you block ads, trackers, and browse the internet faster. You can also earn rewards for watching ads and much more.

5. Trezor

  • Commission: 12%-15%

Trezor makes hardware wallets to securely store your crypto assets offline.

6. Ledger

  • Commission: 10%

Ledger makes hardware wallets to securely store your crypto assets offline.

7. Hashflare

  • Commission: 10%

Hashflare offers cryptocurrency cloud mining services.

8. TokenTax

  • Commission: 10%

TokenTax is a software that makes it very easy to calculate and file your crypto taxes. 

9. BitIRA

  • Commission: %

BitIRA helps people diversify their retirement accounts with cryptocurrency investments. 

10. Shrimpy

  • Commission: Up to $30

Shrimpy is an automated portfolio management tool for your crypto. It lets you invest automatically and rebalance your portfolio based on how you customize it.

11. Coinsquare

  • Commission: 45% of trading fees

Coinsquare is an exchange that lets Canadians buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

12. Shakepay

  • Commission: Give $10 get $10 when they buy $100 worth of crypto

Shakepay is a exchange that lets Canadians buy and sell crypto commission free. 

YouTube Affiliate Programs

VidIQ Affiliate Program

1. VidIQ

  • Commission: 15-25% recurring forever

VidIQ helps YouTuber's get more views and subscribers. They have a host of tools such as SEO insights, SEO analytics, research and much more.

2. TubeBuddy

  • Commission: 30%-50% recurring forever

TubeBuddy helps YouTuber's get more views and subscribers. They have many tools ranging from SEO insights, split testing thumbnails, auto-translating videos and much more.

3. Envato Elements

  • Commission: $20-$120 per subscriber

Envato Elements lets you download and license millions of video templates, stock videos, music and more. 

4. Shutterstock

  • Commission: 20% (up to $300 per purchase)

Shutterstock is one of the largest websites in the world for royalty free videos and photos. 

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Airbnb Affiliate Program

1. Airbnb Hosts

  • Commission: $100 when they complete their first booking

Airbnb is a travel app that lets people turn their house, apartment, or extra space into a hotel so they can make money. 


  • Commission: $20 per new home listing, 3% for every traveller

VRBO is a platform to rent beach houses, cabins and vacation rentals in general.

3. AirDNA

  • Commission: 30% recurring forever ($75 average value according to their website)

AirDNA collects data and analytics for every Airbnb and VRBO listing worldwide. Property owners can use it to understand their market because they can see occupancy rates, revenue, pricing and much more.

4. Roofstock

  • Commission: $15 per sign up

Roofstock is a marketplace to buy and sell investment properties. You can find properties that are already making money and have tenants included. 

5. Fundrise

  • Commission: $50

Fundrise is a crowdsource real estate investing platform. It lets people invest in real estate with almost any budget.

Thanks for making it this far.

I'll keep adding the best affiliate programs for beginners as I discover more.

Hopefully you found what you're looking for!