Instagram Niche Pages

By: Alex Dabek

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Instagram niche pages are pages with lots of followers that repost and curate content about a specific topic.

A niche page can post content about anything like gaming, travel, sports highlights, hip hop, fishing, memes, whatever you want. People love to follow these pages because they're interested in that topic and want to see more of it.

This is one my pages, @NowFuture where I share content about business and entrepreneurship: 

NowFuture Instagram Niche Page Example

Once you have a large audience you can make money by selling ads, products, affiliate marketing and other things. The larger and more engaged your audience gets, the more money you can make.

How Do You Start An Instagram Niche Page

Here is a simplified version of how these pages work:

  1. Pick your niche. Eg: The best lion content
  2. Get a username and setup your account
  3. Start reposting the best lion content every day
  4. People who love lions start following you 
  5. Start selling lion related products and merchandise

This was a random example, but there actually are many big lion pages on instagram:

You can see they promote lion related products to their audience: 

Your niche can be anything but keep in mind some are easier and more profitable than others.

I've started multiple niche pages like @NowFuture and helped others do the same. I also own @LifeAtCollege, @FutureVacations, @HotRapToday which are inactive but you can see them as an example.

After growing Instagram niche pages on and off for 6 years, here are my pros and cons:


  • If you have lots of time to invest instead of money this can be good. Niche pages cost absolutely nothing to start. You can start posting content for free right now  
  • It's like a snowball. Once your content finally starts ranking on the explore page you can get 1000's of followers per day 
  • You can build multiple pages and a lot of the account management can be automated later on
  • It's all profit! These pages have no expenses unless you decide to invest in it. You can get freelancers, software, shoutouts later on but even with that, you'll have good margins


  • The pages require constant work and attention to grow an audience
  • It's hard to build an engaged audience that really cares
  • You must be very patient, it takes many months or years to build a large following. The beginning is especially slow
  • There's lots of competition so you need to be different and better than the other pages

How Do Instagram Niche Pages Make Money?

At the beginning your page will not make any money. But as you start to grow and get lots of traffic then you have quite a few options: 

  1. Sell shoutouts or ads - Brands or other niche accounts are always looking for followers or traffic to their website. You can charge them per post.
  2. Affiliate marketing - Many companies have affiliate programs meaning you can sign up for it, and then get a commission for recommending their products.
  3. Create your own product to sell - If you want all the profit you can create your own digital or physical product. For example, if you're a workout page you can sell a fitness plan or create your own supplement.  
  4. Premium content - You can create a monthly newsletter, patreon page or some premium content that you charge a subscription for.

Those are the main ways to monetize your page. The great thing about niche pages is you know what your audience is interested in so you just need to find the right offers for them.

Instagram Home Runs

What's amazing is how far these pages can go. This can be a side hustle for extra money or you can try to build a media empire worth millions like some entrepreneurs: 

  • IMGN Media sold their meme pages for $85 million to Warner Music Group.
  • DoingThingsMedia has built a massive 60 million followers across 24 brands.

These examples solidify that instagram niche pages and an engaged audience can have tremendous value.

Tips To Build A Successful Page

  • Pick a niche that is easy to monetize
  • Choose a niche that you're interested in yourself
  • Post great content that can go viral
  • Post consistently (I recommend at least once a day)
  • Learn growth hacks early on like $1.80 strategy, engagement groups and more
  • Nurture your audience and try to build a community
  • Try to differentiate and be better than the other pages
  • Stick with it. It's very slow in the beginning but it will pick up! 

Key Takeaways:

  • An instagram theme page posts lots of content on a certain niche 
  • People follow niche accounts because they love that topic and want to see more of it
  • Once you get 1000's of followers and lots of traffic you can monetize it
  • You can start a niche page completely for free. All you have to do is start posting

Final Thoughts

Instagram niche pages is a good online business for beginners who maybe don't have capital but do have lots of time to invest.

You can start building an account and grow millions of followers without spending any money. Then eventually, you can charge money for shoutouts, sell products and more. 

The downside is it takes many months to grow a page but it's definitely doable so just be patient.