Executive Mafia Review: Best Instagram Growth Tool?

By: Alex Dabek

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2020

If you're trying to grow your instagram followers, you might have heard of Executive Mafia. It's a network with over 900 instagram influencers and growth hackers all working together to grow each others accounts - specifically using engagement groups.

In this Executive Mafia review you will learn how it works, if it's worth it and if you should join.

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Overall Rating:



$15.99/month for "Essential" plan


If you put the work in, Executive Mafia can help you get 100's or 1000's of followers per day. My page, @NowFuture, was getting 1000+ followers per day at its peak

Is It Worth It?

Yes, at just $15.99, there's no investment that comes close to getting you 100's or 1000's of followers per day on Instagram

executive mafia review what is it

What Is Executive Mafia?

Executive Mafia offers professionally run instagram engagement groups. These groups can help your Instagram page grow fast.

It was founded in 2017 as a way to help Instagrammer's and influencers skyrocket their pages. Today, they have over 900 influencers and growth hackers all working together to grow each others accounts.

Are Instagram Engagement Groups Worth It?

Engagement groups can help you:

  • Boost your engagement
  • Get featured on the Instagram explore page
  • Get top posts for hashtags
  • Go viral

As a result, you can gain hundreds or thousands of followers per day.

This is because if your post gets a lot of engagement quickly, instagram ranks it higher in the algorithm and shows it to more people. Thus, if you have a large group that likes and comments when you make a post, it becomes a powerful tool.

In order to see good results it requires time, dedication and posting quality content. However, if you're dedicated to growing your Instagram, engagement groups are definitely worth it.

Is Executive Mafia Safe?

Engagement groups are almost 100% safe. There is risk if you try to automate the process of commenting/liking photos. This could lead to a temporary shadow ban or Instagram limiting the reach of your account. However, if you are manually commenting/liking photos in the engagement rounds there is almost zero risk.

Executive Mafia Advantages

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1) Organized Engagement Groups

Engagement groups can help skyrocket your page. The problem with free engagement groups is it's hard to find good ones and they are not reliable.

With Executive Mafia, your membership pays for a team that makes sure everything runs smoothly. This results in high quality groups, tons of rounds and guaranteed engagement for your posts.

Executive Mafia Review Bots

2) Executive Mafia Lounge

You get access to group chats which is a great place to ask questions, read discussions and stay up to date with the Instagram world. In the early days of my @NowFuture account, I learned a lot of tips and tricks here from other Instagram growth hackers.

There's also chatrooms to collaborate, schedule S4S, and sell ads. All of this can be very useful.

3) Great Pricing

The "Essential" plan gets you access to all engagement rounds - which is all you need.

Executive Mafia Review Prices

For just $15.99/month, it's a small investment compared to how much it can grow your Instagram business. At my peak, @NowFuture was getting 1000+ followers per day using Executive Mafia every day. It was definitely worth it looking back.

4) Executive Mafia Affiliate Program

If you’re interested in monetizing your Instagram, you can use Executive Mafia's affiliate program. You can refer people using your unique referral code and get up to 59% recurring commissions.

Executive Mafia Disadvantages

1) Engagement Groups Are Time Consuming

It takes a lot of time to like and comment on other people's posts so you have to be dedicated to the process.

The good news is it works and you don't have to use Executive Mafia forever. I noticed that after I hit 100k followers, I could grow just by posting and using hashtags because of the size of my audience.

2) It Doesn't Guarantee Success

Using Executive Mafia doesn't guarantee success. You still need to put lots of work into your content and build an awesome Instagram page. If you're doing that, then Executive Mafia will speed up your growth. But if your page and content isn't good, nobody will follow it no matter what you do. 

3) Executive Mafia Doesn't Teach You How To Grow

Executive Mafia offers a great service but they don't give you much education. You can learn some from the networking groups but other than that you're on your own.

It's on you to learn how to post viral content, make an awesome page, stand out from the competition, etc. If you don't know these things you won't get the best results with Executive Mafia.

How I Got 1000 Followers Per Day

Since 2015, I grew @NowFuture from 0 followers to over half a million.

I didn't use Executive Mafia the entire time, but when I was, my growth and engagement always went up.

At my peak, I was consistently getting 1000+ followers per day. This is what I did:

  • Posted 1-3x per day
  • Tried to make sure my content had "viral potential"
  • Used engagement rounds for every post
  • Used 20-30 targeted hashtags for every post

I've seen dozens of accounts (in the Executive Mafia groups) get 100's or 1000's of followers per day as well using these same strategies.

I stopped using Executive Mafia because it was very time consuming. However, if I was starting a page from 0 or needed to boost my growth I would definitely start using it again.

What I learned is you don't have to use Executive Mafia forever. It's best for small accounts or pages that want to increase growth. If you're over 100k followers it's easy to sustain growth because you already have a large following.

5 Tips For Using Executive Mafia

Post a couple minutes before the round starts - for best results, get engagement right when you upload a post

Join groups that are relevant to your niche - Try to get comments and likes from similar pages to yours

Stay consistent - Your posts won't go viral 100% of the time. The more you do it though, the more times it will hit

Post quality content - It doesn't matter what strategies you try if your content isn't good. Make sure your Instagram page and every post is on point before doing engagement groups

Use it strategically - If you're over 100k followers, you should be able to grow just by posting and using good hashtags. Either outsource Executive Mafia, or invest your time into bigger priorities at this point

Executive Mafia Review: Is It Worth It?

I think Executive Mafia is one of the best Instagram growth tools on the market. It can boost your growth to 100's or 1000's of followers per day like it did for my @NowFuture page. I've also seen other accounts have success time and time again.

At just $15.99, there's no investment for Instagram growth that comes close to this price.

If you're a small page or want to increase your growth, Executive Mafia is definitely worth the investment. Just make sure you're posting quality content and you dedicate enough time so it works.