Find Your Next Income Stream

A list of side hustles, business ideas and clever ways to make money:

Here are 5 future business ideas and industries that might be a good opportunity in the next 10 years or less.

Future Business Ideas and Industries for 2021-2030

You can put eye-catching advertisements on your vehicle and get paid passive income for driving around like normal.

Get Paid to Put Ads on Your Car

The idea of building an Instagram page around a niche topic (eg. best sports fails, luxury travel, etc). By curating content you can make money once you have a large following.

Instagram Niche Pages

Cloud mining is a way to mine and earn cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin without the need to buy your own hardware or have technical knowledge. Companies already have mining rigs set up and they will sell it to you as a service.

Cloud Mining

P2P storage is the idea of turning extra space in your home, garage, attic, basement or shed into storage space and letting someone pay you to rent it.

Peer to Peer Storage: Make Money Renting Out Your Extra Space

Drop servicing (aka service arbitrage) is selling a service to someone and then finding a freelancer who can deliver that service for a lower price. You are the middleman that brings the transaction together.

Drop Servicing

What if you could make money for being a student and that was your job? Well, Stuvia is a platform that lets students make money by selling their study notes online. Sounds great, right? But hold up… is this even legal? Can you actually make money? Many students are making money selling notes but that doesn’t necessarily mean

Stuvia Review: Should You Sell Study Notes Online?

College is notoriously expensive. With tuition, food, every day purchases… the expenses never end.  However, a normal job isn’t always possible with a busy school schedule. But have no fear! If you’re a little entrepreneurial, there are tons of side hustles that pay well and won’t interfere with your classes. You just need the right idea to get

22 College Side Hustles your Bank Account will Love